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Check out this Mural!

D67D4231-0323-48B3-8B5B-A836A4DC0F68.jpegI received an email in March of this year in regards to a possible commercial mural  painting. I was a bit nervous at first regarding the size and scale of the project.   I submitted my design and received an email shortly after that I was the chosen artist!!  The experience was great. I had an amazing time working with the entire crew of First Draft and will forever be grateful for their faith in me and accommodations to make it happen.  The business  is set to open this month and Is a “Pour your own” taproom located in the Northloop; very close to Target Field. Go check it out if you are ever in the area!



I have never once reached a goal in life without being relentless. This summer I will be pushing myself further and challenging my abilities as an artist. I will be embracing some amazing new opportunities and look forward to sharing  my journey with all of you . Thank you so much for all of your support! I am going on my 3rd year as a full time professional artist and do not plan on slowing down.

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“Minneapolis Miracle”

5BFACE85-091C-4691-AB22-C329B67B5E36The Minneapolis Miracle painting I finished Wednesday is being delivered next week to Stefon Diggs per his request. I’m so honored and believe there is definitely a higher power (God) that has made this all happen.

The story I am about to tell is solely to inspire others to do what they dream even if it seems unreachable.
When I was born I suffered a traumatic brain injury that left partial paralysis to the left side of my body which affects the muscle and coordination.  My parents were initially told I would likely need medical devices/ assistance to walk . Through years of physical therapy and support from my family I am very fortunate to be where I am.
Everyone has their own disabilities or challenges,  and I believe god uses those for good in his own way and own time. Looking back, my disability may have kept me from certain sports, jobs, hobbies…but it gifted me with so MUCH more. I may not be able to paint a stick figure with my left hand, but god has allowed my right hand to be a gift of great abilities. My paintings were not very advanced starting out as you can see from this painting below I did at age 21.


With passion, determination, and faith, you can reach your dreams. It may take years and lots of rejection but my best advice is to never give up or lose sight of your dreams. Some of my biggest hero’s in life are those that have turned their disabilities into opportunities.

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Happy Holidays!

The holiday season is in full swing and it’s time to finish up all your shopping. I will be offering 15% off  my original paintings through Christmas! There are a lot of paintings to choose from. Here are a few new paintings I have for sale. Email me with any questions at Amarie700@gmail.com.


“Stone Arch Bridge VII”. 48”x 30”


Floral Wonderland.40”x 30”


“Golden Flowers”. 25” x 13”. White floater frame.


Gold Line Birch. 36” x 36”


“Four Birch Trees”. 50” x 38”. Custom white floater frame.


Trees in Transition. 24” x 18


Minneapolis Skyline II. 26” x 22”. Custom white frame.


“Minneapolis Sail”. 36” x 24”


New Series featuring Minnesota sports. 

During a recent live painting at the Northtown mall, I was approached by an owner of a sports memorabilia company called 2brossports.com. Todd purchased a Vikings painting and began to discuss an idea that I couldn’t pass up. I am not the most knowledgeable in the sports arena but I love going to the games for the fun atmosphere. 

Todd proposed an idea to partner up and commission me to paint sports themed paintings. I’m excited about this new opportunity and am very thankful to Janet and Linda, who initially reached out to me and hired me to do some local live painting events at the mall. 

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Thank you!!!

It was a great day for me yesterday as I had many fans come to visit me at the Art in The Park art fair yesterday…. and ended up being chosen as the winner of the People’s Choice Award!  I am not the most vocally expressive person so art fairs make me a little bit uncomfortable. I am learning to get past that as I see so much love and support from family, friends, and fellow artists! I met some really great people there and today I joined the Rum River Arts organization in hopes of giving back to the community I grew up in. I just wanted to express my gratitude for all that support art and artists and specially for all the help and support I receive daily to keep going with my passion. Thank you and God Bless!!!