Abstract Art

Painting Interrupted.

Life has a way of throwing things our way that make us take a step back and reprioritize. I use painting as a way to relax  and take a break from life’s demands and I am so grateful to have this opportunity. I have been getting more attention and orders for paintings than I would have ever expected and it’s GREAT. The one thing I am noticing is that I like to start a painting , take a short break, and then come back to it. This way I am able to get a better idea of what I want the outcome to be; especially with commissioned paintings. I currently am working on multiple commissioned paintings and I thank my clients for being patient, knowing that the final product will be greater if there is not a big rush. I am trying to get other paintings done as well as I am getting ready to hang some at a couple commercial businesses as well as setting up a tent at The Beer and Bacon Festival on May 14th. Come and have fun!


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