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Artists and Festivals… A first for everything

As an artist I believe it’s very important to get out there and meet people as well as get exposure. While online exposure is much easier, it’s less personal. I participated in my first outdoor festival yesterday and although it wasn’t an “art” festival it was successful and a ton of fun! I  was lucky enough to have an entourage behind me compiled of great family and friends who came to help and show their love and support. The day was a cold and windy day but thanks to my handy husband, devoted dad, family and friends,  we had a secure gallery tent set up. My favorite part of the whole thing was the energy and love from the people there. I ended up selling about 20% of my inventory and getting a commissioned painting sale as well. I hope to do some more events  like this. I also will be getting out in the community next week as I was selected to paint a piano for Pianos on Parade and Keys 4/4 kids. The piano will be placed somewhere downtown Minneapolis to be played by anyone. Excited and thankful for these new opportunities.


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