Abstract Art

Busy times means more painting.

In the midst of moving week I am still painting with my “portable studio”. On top of moving my dear Grandma passed away so planning a short trip out to Vegas to celebrate her life. My grandma was my first inspiration as an artist because she was a talented artist herself, both in drawing and music.

During busy and stressful times I find more comfort and relaxation in painting, guess I am just wired that way. Art is my calm.

With Christmas coming up in just a couple months I have been getting lots of commissioned requests sent my way. I have requests from paintings of people, pets, cars, architecture, houses, cabins, and sometimes just ideas or concepts that I paint from. This is my passion and profession so let me help you get the perfect gift for that special person. Please allow at least 5 weeks lead time for Christmas paintings. Please email me your photo or idea and size for a free estimate. Amarie700@gmail.com


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