“State of the Art” (SOTA) series to continue. 

Last year I introduced my “SOTA”(State of the Art)  series which took off and produced more sales and opportunities than I could have dreamed of. Since then I have been working with some great companies whom I owe a big THANKS to!! One of my newest partnerships is  with a company who will produce boat wraps of my fish art, and I also plan on completing a painting on a boat this summer! I am so very thankful for the support and encouragement I receive daily from you all! I plan on expanding my art to include more abstract paintings but will continue with my wildlife art as well. You all have kept me extremely busy with comissioned paintings and please keep them coming! I plan to start hanging at more local businesses as I have an overload of art in my studio that needs to be hung! If you or anyone you know needs artwork in their business or shop please reach out!  Take care and God bless! 


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