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“Minneapolis Miracle”

5BFACE85-091C-4691-AB22-C329B67B5E36The Minneapolis Miracle painting I finished Wednesday is being delivered next week to Stefon Diggs per his request. I’m so honored and believe there is definitely a higher power (God) that has made this all happen.

The story I am about to tell is solely to inspire others to do what they dream even if it seems unreachable.
When I was born I suffered a traumatic brain injury that left partial paralysis to the left side of my body which affects the muscle and coordination.  My parents were initially told I would likely need medical devices/ assistance to walk . Through years of physical therapy and support from my family I am very fortunate to be where I am.
Everyone has their own disabilities or challenges,  and I believe god uses those for good in his own way and own time. Looking back, my disability may have kept me from certain sports, jobs, hobbies…but it gifted me with so MUCH more. I may not be able to paint a stick figure with my left hand, but god has allowed my right hand to be a gift of great abilities. My paintings were not very advanced starting out as you can see from this painting below I did at age 21.


With passion, determination, and faith, you can reach your dreams. It may take years and lots of rejection but my best advice is to never give up or lose sight of your dreams. Some of my biggest hero’s in life are those that have turned their disabilities into opportunities.


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