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Spring is here, time to get out and interact! 

For some reason during the winter months I tend to paint a lot but not get out as much to showcase my work. With a lot of projects , comission paintings, moving,  and two precious children, I was happily busy at home for the winter.  Now it’s spring and I have two events approaching quickly!

 On April 1st I will be donating a painting that will be painted live at the gala event. I greatly enjoy doing live painting and letting others watch my process and see my passion for art. 

On Saturday, May 13th, I will be showcasing at Stanley’s Beer and Bacon Festival. I will have many prints for sale there and a few originals. Please come, say Hi, and enjoy the great atmosphere! http://www.stanleysbarroom.com/stanleysbeerandbaconfest/tickets/

Fishing painting, Minnesota, White Tiger, Wildlife painting

Win an original feather painting!

I recently had a good friend ask if i have ever considered painting on a feather.  Hmm never had tried that particular surface but I am always up for a challenge and trying to increase my skills. I decided to start with a turkey feather since they offer a larger painting surface. The process is similar to painting on a canvas but obviously much smaller. I decided to do a contest via Facebook to giveaway an original feather painting. One lucky winner gets to choose from 3 different feather paintings. Head over to my Facebook page to enter! https://m.facebook.com/AmyMarieArtFanpage/


Abstract Art

A new year with new goals.

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESHappy New Year! Hope everyone had a good year and plans to make 2017 better. This past year was my first year putting my all into my passion and It’s an understatement to say it paid off. I couldn’t have imagined that I would have so much support and love from god, family, friends, and fans. THANK YOU! This past December I tried something new and entered into the DNR stamp contest with a  small 6.5 inch x 9 inch turkey painting. My entry got 4th place which I am very excited about after seeing some of the other amazing entries. I also had over 40 comissioned paintings that I completed and went out in the past year and many many more prints. I could not do it without your support so thanks again! A few of my goals for my businesss in the next year is to again donate 10% to fundraisers and benefits, enter more MN DNR stamp contests (possibly the federal duck stamp contest), and to continue my painting in hopes to bring happy memories and inspire others. If you don’t already please follow me on Facebook https://m.facebook.com/AmyMarieArtFanpage/ as I update that a lot more than my website. I also post on Instagram (Amymarieart) a couple times a week.

Fishing painting, Ice fishing, Minnesota, Minnesota Painting, Wildlife painting

Ice Cold Art


“State of the Art Ice Fishing”.


” State of the Art Life Under Ice”

As a native Minnesotan I know the winters can be brutal but they also allow for some pretty great outdoor activities, one of the favorites of many… ice fishing! Two recent ice fishing paintings have been selling very well and it makes sense… it brings people memories of happy times doing what they love to do. I love painting these feel good paintings and am excited to start a new one.

Abstract Art, Minnesota, Minnesota Painting, Portrait painting

Tis the season for giving and loving.

I am very happy to say I have been extra busy with comissioned paintings that clients have ordered for Christmas gifts. I would like to take a minute just to express my gratitude and appretiation to all of you who have allowed me to be a part of your special gift!  I have completed a few portraits and have many orders  coming in of customized cabin/lake home paintings that are turning out great!

I promise I will share them in time but do not want to ruin the surprise for anyone. Your continued support and confidence have allowed me to continue my dream and passion while being able to provide for my family. As I sit here and reflect I cannot help but to give God the biggest shout out. For without him I would have nothing. He has given me a talent and is allowing me to share it. I am so very grateful for him, family, and for all of you fans and supporters. Thank you!!! I am continuing to take custom orders for Christmas and am open to all ideas.. please message me or email (amarie700@gmail.com) me for a estimated price.

Abstract Art

Busy times means more painting.

In the midst of moving week I am still painting with my “portable studio”. On top of moving my dear Grandma passed away so planning a short trip out to Vegas to celebrate her life. My grandma was my first inspiration as an artist because she was a talented artist herself, both in drawing and music.

During busy and stressful times I find more comfort and relaxation in painting, guess I am just wired that way. Art is my calm.

With Christmas coming up in just a couple months I have been getting lots of commissioned requests sent my way. I have requests from paintings of people, pets, cars, architecture, houses, cabins, and sometimes just ideas or concepts that I paint from. This is my passion and profession so let me help you get the perfect gift for that special person. Please allow at least 5 weeks lead time for Christmas paintings. Please email me your photo or idea and size for a free estimate. Amarie700@gmail.com

Minnesota, Minnesota Painting, Portrait painting

Painting from photos.

While I am continuing my state of the art and close up series; I have been working on  many commissioned projects which require me to be flexible with style and techniques as well. This is one of the most challenging yet rewarding things about commissioned work. A great deal of my commissioned works come from photos so my job is to find out what my client wants as far as style and composition.  I have included a few photos of some recent commissioned pieces and photos which inspired the pieces.

Abstract Art

A short painting intermission.

I am in the middle of several commissioned paintings currently but have to put other paintings on hold for a short time while my family of four are in the process of selling and moving to a new home.  Photos of our home will be taken today and then hopefully I can set up a temporary studio until we move. I am excited for this next chapter and will be relieved  when the move is complete!

Minnesota, Portrait painting, White Tiger, Wildlife painting

Glimpse of a new series… Wildlife up close!

While I plan on continuing my State of the Art Series, I am going to start working on a new series of paintings…Wildlife up close. I have always had a fascination for exotic animals , especially  large cats so I plan on staring there. My first one of the series is one of the most beautiful animals… The white tiger. Stay tuned for more large scale close ups!

Minnesota, Minnesota Painting, Wildlife painting

Little bit of everything.

Many people ask me one question when I tell them that I am an Artist; What do you paint? … ” A little bit of everything” seems to be the most fitting answer. With a large portion of my business being commissioned paintings, it allows me to get experience and challenges me to step out of my comfort zone… which is a must as an artist. I am very thankful to have clients that support me and have confidence in me to create a piece of art for them.