Fathers Day is June 18th.

I have now painted over 15 fishing themed paintings. I have received an outpouring of love and support for these paintings! With over 100 fishing themed prints sold last year, most of them went out to fathers and husbands for Father’s Day and Christmas. I received many wonderful messages letting me know the gift was greatly received and not one disappointed customer. With Fathers Day right around the corner I am still able to get the prints shipped to you within 8 days after payment. Please email @ Amarie700@gmail.com or message me with your interest and I will do my best to respond within a few hours. I accept payment via Paypal or can also accept credit or cash if picking up. Hope to hear from you!


Gone Fishing…

My memorial weekend project was a success, even better that my dad and I got to hang out and start getting the boat ready to take out. Figured it would only be fitting to add some Amy Marie Art to the boat.(my dads idea).  Growing up some of my favorite memories were out fishing with the family on this boat. For the past 5+ years the boat sat in storage because of busy life and the addition of 4 grandbabies. This year we are getting that boat back out and going to continue the great memories that we can cherish forever. My daughters can’t wait for their first time fishing. I hope you all are able to enjoy the summer and make some wonderful memories as well! Some of my fish artwork is being offered as a 3m boat wrap as well so message me if you are interested in a quote.  Cheers to summer! 


“State of the Art” (SOTA) series to continue. 

Last year I introduced my “SOTA”(State of the Art)  series which took off and produced more sales and opportunities than I could have dreamed of. Since then I have been working with some great companies whom I owe a big THANKS to!! One of my newest partnerships is  with a company who will produce boat wraps of my fish art, and I also plan on completing a painting on a boat this summer! I am so very thankful for the support and encouragement I receive daily from you all! I plan on expanding my art to include more abstract paintings but will continue with my wildlife art as well. You all have kept me extremely busy with comissioned paintings and please keep them coming! I plan to start hanging at more local businesses as I have an overload of art in my studio that needs to be hung! If you or anyone you know needs artwork in their business or shop please reach out!  Take care and God bless! 

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Spring is here, time to get out and interact! 

For some reason during the winter months I tend to paint a lot but not get out as much to showcase my work. With a lot of projects , comission paintings, moving,  and two precious children, I was happily busy at home for the winter.  Now it’s spring and I have two events approaching quickly!

 On April 1st I will be donating a painting that will be painted live at the gala event. I greatly enjoy doing live painting and letting others watch my process and see my passion for art. 

On Saturday, May 13th, I will be showcasing at Stanley’s Beer and Bacon Festival. I will have many prints for sale there and a few originals. Please come, say Hi, and enjoy the great atmosphere! http://www.stanleysbarroom.com/stanleysbeerandbaconfest/tickets/

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Win an original feather painting!

I recently had a good friend ask if i have ever considered painting on a feather.  Hmm never had tried that particular surface but I am always up for a challenge and trying to increase my skills. I decided to start with a turkey feather since they offer a larger painting surface. The process is similar to painting on a canvas but obviously much smaller. I decided to do a contest via Facebook to giveaway an original feather painting. One lucky winner gets to choose from 3 different feather paintings. Head over to my Facebook page to enter! https://m.facebook.com/AmyMarieArtFanpage/


Abstract Art

A new year with new goals.

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESHappy New Year! Hope everyone had a good year and plans to make 2017 better. This past year was my first year putting my all into my passion and It’s an understatement to say it paid off. I couldn’t have imagined that I would have so much support and love from god, family, friends, and fans. THANK YOU! This past December I tried something new and entered into the DNR stamp contest with a  small 6.5 inch x 9 inch turkey painting. My entry got 4th place which I am very excited about after seeing some of the other amazing entries. I also had over 40 comissioned paintings that I completed and went out in the past year and many many more prints. I could not do it without your support so thanks again! A few of my goals for my businesss in the next year is to again donate 10% to fundraisers and benefits, enter more MN DNR stamp contests (possibly the federal duck stamp contest), and to continue my painting in hopes to bring happy memories and inspire others. If you don’t already please follow me on Facebook https://m.facebook.com/AmyMarieArtFanpage/ as I update that a lot more than my website. I also post on Instagram (Amymarieart) a couple times a week.

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Ice Cold Art


“State of the Art Ice Fishing”.


” State of the Art Life Under Ice”

As a native Minnesotan I know the winters can be brutal but they also allow for some pretty great outdoor activities, one of the favorites of many… ice fishing! Two recent ice fishing paintings have been selling very well and it makes sense… it brings people memories of happy times doing what they love to do. I love painting these feel good paintings and am excited to start a new one.