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Ice Cold Art


“State of the Art Ice Fishing”.


” State of the Art Life Under Ice”

As a native Minnesotan I know the winters can be brutal but they also allow for some pretty great outdoor activities, one of the favorites of many… ice fishing! Two recent ice fishing paintings have been selling very well and it makes sense… it brings people memories of happy times doing what they love to do. I love painting these feel good paintings and am excited to start a new one.

Minnesota, Minnesota Painting, Wildlife painting

Little bit of everything.

Many people ask me one question when I tell them that I am an Artist; What do you paint? … ” A little bit of everything” seems to be the most fitting answer. With a large portion of my business being commissioned paintings, it allows me to get experience and challenges me to step out of my comfort zone… which is a must as an artist. I am very thankful to have clients that support me and have confidence in me to create a piece of art for them.

Minnesota Painting, Portrait painting

Portrait Paintings



“Kapri”. 10″ X 10″. Painting project collaboration with artist Kapri & Amy Kulseth.

A challenge for me as an artist has always been painting portraits of loved ones. I am unsure if it is because I see them in a different way or the fact that I see so many different faces from these people. I decided to turn a recent portrait painting of my daughter into a project for her because she so loves to help mom! I painted her portrait, covered it, and let her use fluorescent paint markers to decorate the background. Love how it turned out!