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Happy Holidays!

The holiday season is in full swing and it’s time to finish up all your shopping. I will be offering 15% off  my original paintings through Christmas! There are a lot of paintings to choose from. Here are a few new paintings I have for sale. Email me with any questions at Amarie700@gmail.com.


“Stone Arch Bridge VII”. 48”x 30”


Floral Wonderland.40”x 30”


“Golden Flowers”. 25” x 13”. White floater frame.


Gold Line Birch. 36” x 36”


“Four Birch Trees”. 50” x 38”. Custom white floater frame.


Trees in Transition. 24” x 18


Minneapolis Skyline II. 26” x 22”. Custom white frame.


“Minneapolis Sail”. 36” x 24”

Fishing painting, Ice fishing, Minnesota, Minnesota Painting, Wildlife painting

Ice Cold Art


“State of the Art Ice Fishing”.


” State of the Art Life Under Ice”

As a native Minnesotan I know the winters can be brutal but they also allow for some pretty great outdoor activities, one of the favorites of many… ice fishing! Two recent ice fishing paintings have been selling very well and it makes sense… it brings people memories of happy times doing what they love to do. I love painting these feel good paintings and am excited to start a new one.

Minnesota, Minnesota Painting, Wildlife painting

Little bit of everything.

Many people ask me one question when I tell them that I am an Artist; What do you paint? … ” A little bit of everything” seems to be the most fitting answer. With a large portion of my business being commissioned paintings, it allows me to get experience and challenges me to step out of my comfort zone… which is a must as an artist. I am very thankful to have clients that support me and have confidence in me to create a piece of art for them.

Minnesota, Minnesota Painting

All things Comissioned.

“State of the Art Set Sail”. 36″ X 24″. Comissioned. Sold.

A large part of my business is commissioned paintings. Someone has an idea or a concept and wants me to capture it. What is challenging about this sometimes is the details left out and that’s when I get to play twenty questions  before beginning these paintings. The most helpful components of commissioned paintings are photos of the idea or concept, that way I can get a much better feel for what is wanted. Everyone has different tastes and likes and that is my job; to learn about them and capture them in art. I absolutely LOVE doing commissioned paintings and finding the purpose and meaning behind the idea/concept.  What makes people smile and what inspires people are all so interesting and unique. Occasionally I will get an idea or photo to replicate that I have to pass on and even though I don’t enjoy passing the opportunity up, sometimes I know the challenge maybe is too much for me at the time. Please email me at Amarie700@gmail.com if you are ever interested in having a commissioned piece done, my prices are reasonable and based mainly on estimated time spent and materials. I am also active on Instagram and Facebook ( Amy Kulseth or Amy Marie Art).

Minnesota, Minnesota Painting

Old techniques revisited.


“State of the Art Northwoods Sunrise”. 48″ X 24″ X 1.5″. Textured palette knife with flat brush painting. Available.

As an artist I have to be open to change and trying new things. It is truly one area of my life where I deal with change the best. I enjoy experimenting with new techniques and also revisiting old techniques as it is all helps me to grow as an artist. In my painting classes back in my college years we were told what techniques to use and what to paint, it wasn’t ideal but it allowed me to find out what works and what doesnt and also what I need practice and work on. I have most recently gotten back into using texture in my paintings and using palette knifes in conjunction with my brushes. In my most recent painting I added texture to the foreground which has a really neat effect and makes it almost a 3D effect.

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Artists and Festivals… A first for everything

As an artist I believe it’s very important to get out there and meet people as well as get exposure. While online exposure is much easier, it’s less personal. I participated in my first outdoor festival yesterday and although it wasn’t an “art” festival it was successful and a ton of fun! I  was lucky enough to have an entourage behind me compiled of great family and friends who came to help and show their love and support. The day was a cold and windy day but thanks to my handy husband, devoted dad, family and friends,  we had a secure gallery tent set up. My favorite part of the whole thing was the energy and love from the people there. I ended up selling about 20% of my inventory and getting a commissioned painting sale as well. I hope to do some more events  like this. I also will be getting out in the community next week as I was selected to paint a piano for Pianos on Parade and Keys 4/4 kids. The piano will be placed somewhere downtown Minneapolis to be played by anyone. Excited and thankful for these new opportunities.

Minnesota, Minnesota Painting

Minnesota themed series continues.


“Split Rock”. 20″X 20″. Gallery wrapped 1.5″ canvas. Available 

In response to the feedback I have received I will be continuing the Minnesota themed paintings. I plan on producing some popular landscapes, landmarks, and cityscapes of Minnesota. I plan on doing a mix of abstract and realism. If you have ideas or concepts that you would like to see please contact me via FacebookInstagram , or email me at amarie700@gmail.com. The most recent landmark painting I finished is of Split Rock Lighthouse in Two Harbors, MN. Stay tuned for the next landmark painting!

Abstract Art, Minnesota, Minnesota Painting

“State of the Art IV”


“State of the Art IV”. 36″ X 24″. Custom black floater frame. 

I decided to continue with my State of the Art series but stray a little from abstract cubism. This newest painting still features the state of Minnesota outline in it but also incorporates an abstract Minneapolis skyline. I wanted to continue the series because there are so many interesting and beautiful things about our state.