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Ice Cold Art


“State of the Art Ice Fishing”.


” State of the Art Life Under Ice”

As a native Minnesotan I know the winters can be brutal but they also allow for some pretty great outdoor activities, one of the favorites of many… ice fishing! Two recent ice fishing paintings have been selling very well and it makes sense… it brings people memories of happy times doing what they love to do. I love painting these feel good paintings and am excited to start a new one.

Abstract Art, Minnesota, Minnesota Painting

Gone Fishing


“State of the Art Gone Fishing”. 36″ X 24″. 

The warm weather and hot summer days are very near. I really wanted to paint something that reminded me of great memories fishing. I grew up fishing with my dad quite a bit and have many great memories. My nickname from my dad was and still is “Tadpole” because my of my little tadpole tackle box. This painting brings back memories of those great times fishing. We all can hopefully relate someway or another with these happy memories on the lake.